This isn’t something I normally write about but it pisses me off so much that I just have to say something.

Why oh why do some people still think that it’s ok to have “just one or two” drinks and then drive? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Martin Ferris TD was brought in and tested on Friday night after having two pints and a glass of wine. He thought to himself, ah sure I’m fine, I’ve only had the two pints. That’s just crazy talk. Even one drink is enough to impair your judgment.

Some people seem to think that the aim of the not drinking and driving is so that they won’t be caught by the Gardaí. The aim is that they don’t kill/injure themselves or other people. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

What Martin Ferris did was wrong for so many reasons but its his reaction that really annoys me. All he seems to be sorry about is that he was caught.