I decided to give jajah a go the other day, partly because I just wanted to see what it was like and partly because it was cheaper than my normal mobile tarrif. I’d used it once before for setting up a call between two landlines and it all went very smoothly. This time however I was setting up a call between two mobiles.

On the first attempt it took about a minute before I got the callback from jajah. When it connected the other party the line was really bad so I had to hangup an try again. On the second attempt it still took about a minute to get connected but the quality was fine.

Soon afterwards I tried to make another call to a different mobile. This time I never got the callback. After waiting about 5 minutes I tried to setup the call again. After trying this about three times I gave up. A couple of minutes later I finally got the callback from jahjah. It connected the other party but also connected the party I made a call to originally. So the three of us were connected and none of us had anything to say. It reminded me of that Garda prank a while back.

Anyway, needless to say I’m not very impressed. I’ll probably still use jajah again (if for no other reason than because by account with them still has a couple of euro left) but only as a backup. The rates they offer are really attractive but the hassle of setting up a call, waiting for a callback is a bit of a pain in the arse, especially when it takes about five minutes to get that callback.

What kind of experience have others had?