After a few months of on and off development I’ve finanally managed to release the first beta of a password manager I’ve been working on. It’s called Universal Password Manager (UPM).

My main reason for developing it was so that I could use the same password database on both my home (Mac) and work computers (Windows). I’ve been using another Java based password manager for a while now but the interface is a bit clunky and tends to get in the way.

This first release has all I need bar the ability to share the password database between multiple machines. The most likely solution will be that whenever the database changes on one machine it’ll be automatically uploaded to a shared location (HTTP file upload/FTP). From here the other instances of UPM will be able to download the new version when they startup.

Main Features

  • Small, fast and lean
  • Written in Java and utilizing Swing for the GUI
  • Windows and Mac OS X native feeling versions available
  • Fast Account searching
  • Streamlined for those who are more comfortable using the keyboard only
  • Uses DES with 56 bit keys to encrypt the database