Amazon Prices for Ireland Update

Given the recent VAT rate change in the UK I’ve released a new version of the Amazon Prices for Ireland browser plugin.

This script will decorate product pages on with the equivilent irish price. This price will be in euro and include the irish VAT rate where applicable.

Firefox GreaseMonkey Script: Install, Source Code

Chrome Extension: Install, Source Code

Amazon Prices for Ireland – Chrome Extension

Even though ship to Ireland they don’t price their products in Euro. It’s not until we reach the very last page of the order process that we see the full Euro value of the order with Irish VAT applied.

What this plugin does is update each product page with the equivalent Euro price. The GBP to EUR rate is retrieved in real time from Yahoo Finance. The Irish VAT rate of 21% is included except on books which are exempt from VAT.

Now available on Chrome.

The original Firefox version is still available here.