UPM 1.1 Released

With this release UPM on Android reaches feature parity with the desktop version. The main features included with this release are,

  • Shared Database support
  • Delete Database support
  • Lots of bugs fixes and improvements

The shared database feature was the primary focus of 1.1. With this it’s now possible to sync your password database with the desktop version. For full details on how to setup and use database sharing see the user guide.

You can upgrade from the Android Marketplace or download the APK directly from Sourceforge.

If you have any problems post please use the Help Forum.

UPDATE: When you upgrade you may get an error telling you UPM is no longer available when you try to start it. To fix this you should restart your phone and recreate any shortcut you have to UPM on your Home screen.

For those who are interested this seems to be a problem with Android 1.5 and how it handles a change to the main Activity after an upgrade. If you have any experience or details on this problem I’d be interested hear about it.

Bookmarks for 2010-03-05

Randy Pausch: Really achieving your childhood dreams | Video on TED.com
Randy Pausch shares his story. Amazing stuff. I can only imagine what it would have been like to work (or play) with this man.

An interesting way of subscribing to events in an Oracle db. Could be used as an alternative to triggers where the work to be carried out is not possible from a trigger or needs to be done async to the trigger.

SharpDevelop IDE for C#
A few opensource C# IDEs.