Martin Ferris Drink Driving

This isn’t something I normally write about but it pisses me off so much that I just have to say something.

Why oh why do some people still think that it’s ok to have “just one or two” drinks and then drive? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Martin Ferris TD was brought in and tested on Friday night after having two pints and a glass of wine. He thought to himself, ah sure I’m fine, I’ve only had the two pints. That’s just crazy talk. Even one drink is enough to impair your judgment.

Some people seem to think that the aim of the not drinking and driving is so that they won’t be caught by the Garda√≠¬≠. The aim is that they don’t kill/injure themselves or other people. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

What Martin Ferris did was wrong for so many reasons but it’s his reaction that really annoys me. All he seems to be sorry about is that he was caught.

Blog Name Change

Following on from Justin Mason‘s recent blog name change I decided to follow suite and change my own blog title. I was never really happy with the original title (The Highlights) but I had to call it something and that’s what by brain told my fingers to type. Anyway, as Justin says, having the author’s name in the title makes it easier for readers to find what they want to read amongst all the other entries in their blog aggregators.

So welcome to my new blog “Adrian Smith’s Blog”.

Jajah Troubles

I decided to give jajah a go the other day, partly because I just wanted to see what it was like and partly because it was cheaper than my normal mobile tarrif. I’d used it once before for setting up a call between two landlines and it all went very smoothly. This time however I was setting up a call between two mobiles.

On the first attempt it took about a minute before I got the callback from jajah. When it connected the other party the line was really bad so I had to hangup an try again. On the second attempt it still took about a minute to get connected but the quality was fine.

Soon afterwards I tried to make another call to a different mobile. This time I never got the callback. After waiting about 5 minutes I tried to setup the call again. After trying this about three times I gave up. A couple of minutes later I finally got the callback from jahjah. It connected the other party but also connected the party I made a call to originally. So the three of us were connected and none of us had anything to say. It reminded me of that Garda prank a while back.

Anyway, needless to say I’m not very impressed. I’ll probably still use jajah again (if for no other reason than because by account with them still has a couple of euro left) but only as a backup. The rates they offer are really attractive but the hassle of setting up a call, waiting for a callback is a bit of a pain in the arse, especially when it takes about five minutes to get that callback.

What kind of experience have others had?

Why am I here?

Believe it or not I am still aware that this blog exists, although you wouldn’t think it with the lack of posts over the last few months. Between one thing and another I’ve just not had the time to post as of late. Actually, that’s only partly true. The problem I’m having is coming up with interesting information to post. When I started this blog I had the intention of posting about whatever was catching my attention on any given day. It’s all well and good saying that though. In reality it’s not that easy to achieve. What I don’t want is for this site to turn into a sort of a life blog where I post about every meaningless event in my life. I’ve subscribed (and am still subscribed) to these types blogs in the past but I’ve found myself skipping over them recently. There’s just so many posts coming into my aggregator that I’ve had to get very strict about what I read or I’ll just spend by entire day reading meaningless crap. I’m being drawn more and more to posts that are short, interesting and relevant to what’s on may radar at any given time. Right at this moment I’m spending a lot of time developing a site using Code Igniter. Maybe I’ll post about my experiences with that over the next few days?